Pack 1 Leadership 2020-21

***Volunteers Needed for the following Committee Positions: Treasurer, Camping Coordinators for several campouts throughout the year (Pending Campout availability)

Cub MasterRobert Schafer – scoutmasterpack1@gmail.comExecutes Pack programming (pack meetings and events); assists Committee Chair in planning and leading meetings of the pack committee (made up of all pack & den leaders).
Assistant Cub MastersMike Gilles – mgilles@gmail.comPoint person for den coordination and leadership, training and advancement (i.e. Scoutbook)
John Caldwell – john.henderson.caldwell@gmail.comPoint person for Pack camping program, coordinating participation in District programming and Pack event coordination
Committee ChairJamie Schafer – jamieaschafer@gmail.comHeads Pack Committee and leads on issues related to Pack administration and planning, working closely with the Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmasters; coordinate annual recharter (with the Registrar Team and Treasurer); maintain database of Pack resources (i.e. service projects; den outing contacts, etc.); maintain Pack calendar
Treasurer[Need to fill]Track the pack’s revenue and expenses, provide reimbursements, manage bank account; work with Webmaster and Registrar Team to facilitate registration/payment process; coordinate annual recharter (with the Registrar and Committee Chair)
WebmasterLisa Oksala – oksala.lisa@gmail.comMaintain/update the official pack website/social media; maintain pack website registration system (e.g. google docs) for annual pack registration and major events (campouts; pinewoo
Registrar TeamMichael Sawyer –

Carrie Miller –
Ensure all leaders and scouts complete national and pack registration; with webmaster and treasurer, build and maintain; registration/payment system; maintain email lists; coordinate annual re-charter (with the Treasurer and Committee Chair); coordinate onboarding checklist: coordinate Hats/Scarves/Books for scouts (provided by Pack going forward); collect health forms
Popcorn Sale Fundraising Chairs (aka “Popcorn Colonel”)(Fall)Girish Ganapati –

Asst. Chair Brian Weitz –
Point person for Fall 2019 popcorn sale fundraiser; proposal is to table selling popcorn at Union Market for a few weekends; this is a typical Scout fundraiser so the organization can put us in contact with the popcorn sales people and provide some logistical guidance; will provide funds to support Pack events and provide scholarships to assist needy Scouts; also a great experience for Scouts to learn as they should be the primary sales team
Chair will be responsible (in coordination with Committee Chair Jamie Schafer) for recruiting and managing additional volunteer support for the event
Pinewood Derby Chair (January)Erik Oksala – eoksala@gmail.comPoint person for Pinewood Derby in January
Arrange pre-registration and check-in/weigh-in; arrange 2+ Pinewood workshops; coordinate setup and takedown of track with Pack 230; coordinate volunteers day-of
Chair will be responsible (in coordination with Assistant Cub Master John Caldwell) for recruiting and managing additional volunteer support for the event
Blue & Gold Dinner Chair(s) (February)Tomas Carbonell –

Caitlin Boon – 
Caitlin Boon <
Point person for the Blue & Gold dinner, which is an annual Scout event that usually coincides with a Pack meeting but has some additional activities and food, to celebrate the birthdate of the Scouts
Coordinate on theme, games, food, decorations
Chair will be responsible (in coordination with Assistant Cub Master John Caldwell) for recruiting and managing additional volunteer support for the event
Camping CoordinatorsTBDCoordinate registrations, Google Form signups; coordinate with Registrar team to get required health forms onsite; coordinate meal leaders for each meal.
There are typically  at least three Pack 1 camping events next year (Fall, Winter and Spring) along with two District wide events; assistant Cub Master John Caldwell will manage the Pack camping and events program overall but (once we are able to restart camping programs) John will need at least one coordinator to run point on each of our Pack camping events.
Scoutbook AdministratorMichele Walker-

Scott Fulton –
Financial Aid CoordinatorRedding Cates – rccates@gmail.comBe the point person for financial aid inquiries and arrangement for anonymous assistance for scouts in need of aid.
Recruitment & Diversity CoordinatorLina Assad-
Coordinate recruitment efforts to ensure broad outreach across target school communities (Two Rivers and Mundo Verde) and work with Financial Aid coordinator to ensure all scouts are able to participate fully in the program regardless of financial status
Den LeadershipDen Leader: Set the calendar for the den with objective of getting each scout their rank badge by the end of the school year; communicate/coordinate with den families; lead den meetings; attend pack leadership/planning meetings.
Assistant Den Leaders: Assist in all of the above; division of labor among Dens is flexible and entirely up to the den to determine what works best for them.
Over the summer, Den leaders should meet with the leaders who managed their Den last year to get ideas, input and any leftover supplies.  They should also review the requirements for next year and have a planning meeting among their den leaders before the start of the school year to set a 2020-2021 den agenda/plan to ensure their den meets the advancement requirements to earn their next rank. 
Dens will coordinate with Assistant Cub Master Mike Gilles to recruit/organizing their leadership, ensure proper training is received and plan next year’s program.
Lion Den Leader/Assistant LeadersShawn Mulvaney –

Rachel Lubin
Tiger Den Leaders/Assistant LeadersMichael Bessette –

 Jean Wietz – 

Brian Baran
Wolf Den Leaders/Assistant LeadersBlake Edwards –

Redding Cates –

Tony Goodman –

Jamie Schafer –
Bear Den Leaders/Assistant LeadersJim Ashley –

Zeek Dziekan –

Julie McDowell –
Webelos Den Leaders/Assistant LeadersRobert Schafer –